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Do any of the following resonate with you?

You are constantly worried or thinking of the worst case scenario.

Your mind is working overtime, leaving you exhausted.

You find yourself feeling sinking further into negative feelings and not knowing how to get out of it.

You are constantly fighting in your relationship.

You’re scared that your relationship might not work out..

If so, I'm here to help.


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Online Therapy Services For New York Residents

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety often shows up as constant worry, feeling overwhelmed, and like you can't relax or be in the moment. You may feel like you are always in your head - over analyzing, going around in circles or not being able to let go.

Therapy can help you learn to manage your anxiety in the moment so that you feel in control rather than feeling like your anxiety controls you.

Anxiety Therapy

Therapy For Perfectionism

If you struggle with perfectionism, you may struggle with feeling like you are never good enough. You may struggle with feeling like you constantly need to be productive or to be perfect in order to try to feel like you are enough. You tend to be hard on yourself, feel a lot of pressure and self doubt, and you ultimately end up feeling anxious.

Therapy can help you let go of the patterns that are keeping you stuck so you can feel better about who you are and how you function.

Therapy For Perfectionism

Couples Counseling

When struggling in your relationship you may feel like you are stuck in a cycle of having the same type of fight or like your communication with each other is harmful rather than supportive and loving. You may feel like you are not listened to or accepted. Sometimes people struggle with feeling not good enough in their relationship or like their partner might abandon them.

Couples counseling can help you feel understood and safe so that you can have a loving and supportive relationship again.

Couples Counseling


hi, i'm Catherine Kiley

I am an open-minded, understanding, warmhearted therapist that can help you rise above what you are going through

What makes me different: I listen carefully and read between the lines uncovering what might really be going on underneath. Let’s explore what’s going on for you and get you to a place of peace.

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