Therapy for Perfectionism in NY

Helping you go from not feeling good enough to feeling good

Many people find life overwhelming when there's too much on their plate. Most people who start therapy for perfectionism struggle with feeling not good enough but don’t know why and aren’t sure what to do to feel better. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you check things off of your to do list but you don't feel like you're getting anything done. You may go from constantly being productive to feeling stuck or frozen- like you know what you need to do but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

Stuck feeling upset, frustrated and inadequate, you may feel like life is exhausting.

Do You Feel Tired, Insecure, Overwhelmed?

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You tend to agonize over the details, have a tendency towards self-doubt and often feel a sense of pressure
  • You have a harsh inner critic that won’t let up and you have high standards and expectations
  • You find yourself procrastinating even though you want to get things done
  • You feel afraid of sounding stupid, saying “the wrong thing” or making mistakes
  • You see the risk in everything, no matter how small
  • You feel you need to be constantly productive 

If these sound true for you, I want you to know that even though you might feel like a failure for needing help, that couldn't be further from the truth. It takes courage to become aware about what you are going through and ask for help. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. Asking for help is a sign of strength.

Therapy for Perfectionism Can Help You Feel Less Anxious

It’s possible to feel better. Imagine a life where you could... 

  • Have improved attitude, mood, and productivity.
  • Shift into a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.
  • Get to the root of your problems and solve them instead of using band-aids.
  • Change your life for the better.

Change Your Perspective On Life

Therapy for perfectionism helps you rise above your challenges, reduce stress, and move towards your ideal life with more confidence. 

With therapy, you will see patterns that are keeping you stuck rather than moving you forward. You will gain a new mindset that will help you see that you deserve kindness and forgiveness - the same that you give to others.

Even if you are not sure how a therapist could help you, therapy for perfectionism may be able to help. 

I've helped people struggling with perfectionism learn to feel better about themselves, both in who they are and how they function day-to-day. In letting go of unhealthy patterns and behaviors my clients discover that they can feel more at peace.

My name is Catherine Kiley and I am a therapist with experience in working with perfectionism who is here to help.

How Therapy for Perfectionism Works

Therapy for perfectionism consists of 45 minute, one-on-one sessions that help you work through your concerns. In addition to listening, I will ask questions and share thoughts when it's helpful. Here’s how it will work step-by-step: 

  1. In our first session we will talk about what brought you to reach out, what your current struggles and issues are and if you have any specific goals or hopes for therapy.
  2. We’ll start by building a trusting relationship where you feel comfortable being yourself without judgment.
  3. During therapy we will get to the root of your perfectionism by exploring connections between your past and present experiences to help you get clear and feel better and live life with more ease.

Ways That I Will Guide You


Learn what unhelpful behaviors and patterns are keeping you stuck in perfectionistic ways.


Uncovering negative and unhelpful beliefs that are impacting how you feel and interfering with your ability to function.


Learn skills and behaviors that directly combat perfectionistic thinking and behaviors so that you can make positive changes.

Research shows that therapy for perfectionism can positively change your thinking, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. It can help you let go of what’s holding you back.

Let’s Get Started Today

Ready to start feeling better? If you feel lost in life on some level, unsure of how to find your way, therapy for perfectionism could help. 

Start now and stop feeling not good enough and start feeling more accepting and good about yourself. During your free phone consultation you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

Email me for your free phone consultation today at [email protected].